Sending delegates to events in Asia can be costly, not just in travel and hotel expenses but also in terms of the time your resources are away from home and the toll of long distance travel. At the same time, many companies realise there's a huge opportunity in attending and participating in APAC regional conferences. Cognopia can help by providing our experienced staff to support or entirely replace your team at these events.

If you need us to represent your organisation we can do so, either as attendees/delegates, speakers, or joining a panel discussion to boost your brand awareness in region. Our professional team will handle all aspects of event preparation, booth setup, meet-and-greet and opportunity follow up.


Cognopia recently attended the Asian Offshore Association forum in Hong Kong, joining the panel on "How Will Digitization and the Rise of FinTech Accelerate the Development of the Financial Services Sector". The panel discussion was lively and well received by the delegates of the conference, sparking many new enquiries about the software product.

Companies cannot always afford to send delegates on 14 hour flights to attend conferences. At the same time they can't afford to miss out on the opportunities these Asian conferences provide.


If you have an upcoming event opportunity in Asia that you would like us to attend on your behalf, get in touch today. We can ensure your investment in Asia will be handled professionally and courteously, and we will maximise the leads you capture at these key events.