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Why Choose Us?

Cognopia can help launch your business in APAC

- providing a full outsourced sales solution and territory/market planning service.

If your organisation is struggling to get to grips with the way Asian customers buy, speak with us and we can help design a go-to-market strategy that will accelerate your growth across the region.

Cognopia delivers key technology solutions across Asia for

Data Governance

Collibra's Data Governance Centre is the industry leader for all Data Governance requirements. This powerful solution empowers Business Users to Find, Understand and Trust their data, reducing time taken to find relevant business information and increasing ROI for any Data Analytics and Big Data projects.

IFRS Accounting Solutions

Cognopia works with the leading vendor of IFRS Accounting technology. Designed to handle huge complexity and data volumes, the niche software is able to ensure your compliance with IFRS 9, 15, 16 and 17 requirements. We work with the world's largest Banks, Insurers and Telco's to ensure they can report financials at the transaction level.

Big Data Analytics

Customers are challenged by a growing amount of data inside their business that relates to Cost and Revenue allocations. Cognopia has partnered with the industry leader in Allocation Engine technology and can deliver huge data processing capabilities with an easy-to-use allocation rule building environment. Put the control of finance logic back in the hands of your business users.

Trust, Fund and Corporate Services Administration

Trust, Fund and Corporate services providers are struggling to get the most productivity from their staff whilst also meeting important regulatory requirements like FATCA and CRS. We work with the industry leader, providing solutions for Client and Entity Management, Accounting, Investments, Time & Expense recording, Billing, NAV and Transfer Agency calculations.

How Cognopia Helps

Most software companies have a strong base of customers in North America and Europe, but expansion into Asia is typically a challenge. Cognopia provides decades of experience selling complex, high value software solutions across the APAC market.


We can quickly understand your product, customer and market and provide custom advice on how to win in the varied cultures of Asia.


Why risk sending an expensive expat who knows your product but not the culture? Why risk hiring a local with no experience? We de-risk your market entry.


Our team of functional and technical experts can assist in creating, administering and running your product demonstrations in APAC.


Our team can create compelling phone, email, LinkedIn and direct mail campaigns to quickly build your sales pipeline.